Beedie has launched a bold marketing strategy to appeal to businesses searching for warehouse space during Alberta’s economic slump.


Russell Hixson, (JOURNAL OF COMMERCE) — Western Canadian real estate developer Beedie has launched a bold marketing strategy to appeal to businesses searching for warehouse space during Alberta’s economic slump.

The multimedia campaign features billboard, print and digital media ads tapping into post-election frustration in province, stating “Unlike Trudeau, you can balance your budget. Own this warehouse for $0 down” next to photos of Beedie properties.

“A lot of these buyers are everyday small to medium-sized local businesses, and as things have unfolded in the Alberta market and the general slowdown has continued to lag, we have also seen a slowdown in our sales,” said Jorden Dawson, Beedie’s director of industrial development. “We went and spent a decent amount of time sorting out why that was happening and what we could do to help potential buyers own their own real estate. We finally ended up with the zero per cent down ownership program.”

The program promises businesses the opportunity to purchase industrial warehouse space with $0 down, market leading interest rates and fast approvals without red tape.

“We came up with comprehensive marketing plan, met with various industry participants, came up with all new marketing collateral, and then beyond that, looked at what to do to get to a broader audience,” said Dawson.

Dawson explained that he has seen many companies behaving more cautiously as they wait for economic conditions to improve. He said it was clear by how the province voted that people are frustrated but many are finding ways to remain resilient.

“I think it’s a testament to the general attitude of people how they find ways to make things work,” said Dawson.

The election in October saw the Conservatives win 47 out of 48 seats in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Dawson also lamented that most media coverage often focuses on doom and gloom rather than positive stories coming out of the province, like e-commerce, alternative energy and technology.

“That was a big driver for us, we have had a lot of those discussions recently,” said Dawson. “You read the headlines and articles. It’s interesting the negative approach that is being taken. As a company we are, relatively speaking, across Canada. We talk to people across Canada, and the perception from the outside is more pessimistic than what it really is here. We are not celebrating the wins as much as we should be, that was a big part of why put this out there, using to help grow business.”

Some of Beedie’s properties in Alberta include: Apex at Eastlake, Evolve at District, Glenmore Trail Corporate Centre, Ironside Business Centre, High North Business Centre.


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