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Our Beedie Service Plus program is designed to fully meet your property needs and serve you better.

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Supported by intuitive technology and our knowledgeable and dedicated in-house Service Plus team, we provide service throughout your warranty period, whether you’re an industrial client, tenant or residential homeowner. More support. More convenience. More value.

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Our Beedie Service Plus team is equipped with in-depth service and maintenance skills, bringing decades of experience and ensuring quality results with every job.

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We are here to take care of you and your property, and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We manage your service request from start to finish.

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Our Service Plus team will respond to every question and concern. Meanwhile, track the progress of your request online.

Our services


Put your mind at ease knowing that an expert will handle any questions or concerns. With decades of development and service experience, we stand behind our work.

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Submit a request ticket online and experience seamless support from our Beedie Service Plus team.


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We strive to provide exceptional customer service to support our tenants and owners. Access your manuals, warranty coverage, and submit a service request ticket. We’re only a click away.

Industrial Warranty Details

Every Beedie strata unit/condo bay and build-to-suit facility is covered with a one-year comprehensive material and workmanship warranty administered by our Service Plus team.

During the initial walkthrough of your building, a Service Plus representative will outline the one-year warranty components covered from base-building design to a completed tenant improvement (if applicable).

Of course, should you have any questions regarding any of these warranties or any components with your new Beedie building, our Service Plus team is just a call or email away.


When we turned over your keys, you should have received a link to all of the drawings, maintenance manuals, and original trade contact list for your unit/facility/building. In some cases with a build-to-suit facility, we might have provided you with hard copy manuals in a binder. Didn't receive a link, or you can’t find it? Let us know, and we can resend it..

We recommend that exterior hose bibs be shut off just before freezing overnight temperatures arrive (typically in the fall season). To properly winterize the exterior hose bib, you need to: find the interior shut-off valve, and turn it to the off position; remove any garden hose and/or attachments from the bib; and turn on the outside valve to ensure no water remains in the line.

You may need to have your dock levelers adjusted after using them for some time. Please contact your dock leveler contractor directly for service, as they are trained and authorized to maintain, repair, adjust and inspect the dock leveler. Having your dock leveler properly maintained means: reduced costly unscheduled downtime; reduced maintenance costs; increased loading dock productivity; and personal safety of the operator(s) and any load.

For industrial units, the keys for the mechanical/electrical rooms will most likely be with your Property Manager. Please contact them directly for these keys. With a build-to-suit facility, the keys will most likely be with a designated staff person within the building.

When we turned your keys over, you should have received an email with instructions for picking up your mailbox keys from the local Canada Post office. Please note that identification is required to pick up your mailbox keys to confirm that you are the owner of the industrial unit/building.

The main water shut off (which will turn off all the water to your industrial bay or build-to-suit facility) is in the mechanical room.

Meet our dedicated Service Plus team.

Alvin Reyes
Manager, Service & Warranty

Richa Sharma
Assistant Manager, Service & Warranty

Victor Habing
Service Technician

Dami Omolola
Service & Warranty Technician