A seismic shift towards gender diversity in the construction industry.


For decades, the construction industry has been synonymous with a male-dominated workforce. But in recent years, there’s been a seismic shift in focus towards gender diversity. This transformation was prominently on display during a recent project meeting between developer Beedie and building solutions supplier Lafarge Canada, where attendees from both teams were met by a notable representation of women, signaling a shift in industry dynamics.

“Equity and inclusion are key components in life at Lafarge, and when they work hand-in-hand with quality and performance, you find yourself with a powerhouse collaboration like the Beedie and Lafarge partnership,” shares Shelby Beaulieu, Field Operations Supervisor, at Lafarge Canada. “The years of experience, dedication, and hard work displayed by these remarkable women make it exciting for us to be brought together in this unique development and offer a glimpse into a future we hope becomes the industry standard.”

Located at 1083 Fraser Mills Drive, Lafarge is supplying 6,300m3 of concrete to Beedie for the initial phase of constructing Fraser Mills Business Centre, a modern two-building industrial strata facility located in Coquitlam, BC. This phase is anticipated to be completed by late March 2024 and is an integral part of the master-planned Fraser Mills community.

Sheena Marshall, Operations Manager at Lafarge Canada, shares, “As a female working at Lafarge, the pursuit of inclusivity and equality has always been constant. Discovering this mirrored commitment with Beedie, a company we have always held in high regard during our long relationship with them, has been great.”

This collaboration not only emphasizes the strong partnership and collaboration between the two companies but also serves as an inspiration for the industry, each organization fostering long-term career paths for women in construction, including opportunities for growth and advancement.

Beedie is proud to employ and work alongside so many talented and inspiring women in the field, as illustrated by not only their commitments at Fraser Mills Business Centre but also company-wide, on sites across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and into the United States.

“Being a part of a team with an impressively high number of experienced and passionate women in a male-dominated field is definitely empowering” shares Ivana Hecimovic, Industrial Construction Project Manager, at Beedie. “We bring a diverse outlook and unique problem-solving skills to the table, supporting and inspiring each other no matter what challenges arise on site. Collaboration is at the core of our team’s ethos, empowering us to tackle any task or problem together.

This kind of opportunity is a chance to break stereotypes and show that women really can do any job. We don’t just think of ourselves as a highly female-driven team in construction – we think of ourselves as individuals with a shared passion for construction that exemplifies Beedie’s Built For Good philosophy. We have a terrific team of women and men behind this project, with a ton of experience and leadership. We are excited to be bringing our first industrial strata development to Fraser Mills and look forward to celebrating the project’s success with everyone involved.”