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Beedie Service Plus

Supported by intuitive technology and our knowledgeable and dedicated in-house Service Plus team, whether you’re an industrial client, tenant or residential homeowner, we provide service throughout your respective warranty and regular maintenance periods. More support. More convenience. More value.

Industrial Clients  & Tenants

Industrial Clients & Tenants

Focus on your business, not your building. Save time and maximize productivity by leaving the service requests and warranty inquiries to our expert Beedie Service Plus team.

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Residential Homeowners

Residential Homeowners

Move in with peace of mind.  Our Beedie Service Plus team is here to ensure your expectations are fully met from homeowner orientation, through to move-in and into the warranty periods.

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Industrial Owners & Tenants

We strive to provide exceptional customer service to support our tenants and owners, so much so that we have a dedicated online portal where you can access your manuals, warranty coverage, and submit a service request ticket. We’re only a click away.

Industrial Warranty Details

Every Beedie strata unit/condo bay and build-to-suit facility is covered with a one-year comprehensive material and workmanship warranty administered by our Service Plus team.

During the initial walkthrough of your building, a Service Plus representative will outline the one-year warranty components covered from base-building design to a completed tenant improvement (if applicable).

Of course, should you have any questions regarding any of these warranties or any components with your new Beedie building, our Service Plus team is just a call or email away.

Feel free to contact our Service Plus team at 1-855-4BEEDIE or via our Service Plus Portal. 
We’d love to hear from you!

Industrial FAQs

Where are the drawings for my industrial unit / build-to-suit facility?
When we turned over your keys, you should have received a flash drive containing all of the drawings, maintenance manuals, and original trade contact list for your unit/facility/building. In some cases with a build-to-suit facility, we might have provided you with hard copy manuals in a binder. Didn’t receive a flash drive or a binder, or you can’t find them? Let us know, and we can replace them.

How do I winterize my exterior hose bibs?
We recommend that exterior hose bibs be shut off just before freezing overnight temperatures arrive (typically in the fall season). To properly winterize the exterior hose bib, you need to:

  • Find the interior shut-off valve, and turn it to the off position;
  • Remove any garden hose and/or attachments from the bib; and
  • Turn on the outside valve to ensure no water remains in the line.

Why is my dock leveler not working correctly?
You may need to have your dock levelers adjusted after using them for some time. Please contact your dock leveler contractor directly for service, as they are trained and authorized to maintain, repair, adjust and inspect the dock leveler. Having your dock leveler properly maintained means:

  • Reduced costly unscheduled downtime;
  • Reduced maintenance costs;
  • Increased loading dock productivity; and
  • Personal safety of the operator(s) and any load.

Who has the keys for the mechanical/electrical rooms?
For industrial units, the keys for the mechanical/electrical rooms will be most likely with your Property Manager. Please contact them directly for these keys. With a build-to-suit facility, the keys will most likely with a designated staff person within the building.

How do I get my mailbox keys?
When we turned your keys over, you should have received an email with instructions for picking up your mailbox keys from the local Canada Post office. Please note that identification is required to pick up your mailbox keys to confirm that you are the owner of the industrial unit/building.

Where is the main water shut off?
The main water shut off (which will turn off all the water to your industrial bay or build-to-suit facility), is in the mechanical room.

Residential Homeowners

We strive to provide exceptional customer service for the people we build for, so much so that we have a dedicated online portal where you can access your Homeowner Manual, warranty information, and submit a service request ticket. We’re only a click away.

Residential Warranty Details

Every Beedie Living home is protected by a 2/5/10-year warranty program provided by Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada. The warranty includes the following coverage:

  • 1-year coverage for any defect in materials and workmanship, from appliances to drywall finish.
  • 2-year coverage for materials and workmanship on major systems.
  • 5-year coverage for building envelope against water ingress.
  • 10-year coverage for structural defects on load-bearing walls.

Please refer to the Travelers website for additional information about the warranty of your new Beedie Living home.

Before your possession date, our Beedie Service Plus team will schedule a Homeowner Orientation with you to familiarize yourself with your new home, educate you about maintenance and operating systems, provide your service and warranty guide, details about how to make a service request, and a tour of your new building’s amenities.

Feel free to contact our Service Plus team at 1-855-4BEEDIE or via our Service Plus Portal. 
We’d love to hear from you!

Residential FAQs

Can I install satellite television?
You can’t install a fixed satellite dish to the building exterior (common property) without the express authorization of the Strata Council.

Can I bring someone in to install a wall-mounted TV?
Before you make any changes in your home, we recommend that you contact your Strata Council for their authorization and recommendations for a qualified trade or technician to complete the installation. Please note that changes, alterations or additions made to your new home after initial occupancy by anyone except Beedie Living are not covered under warranty.

Can I have a propane or charcoal barbecue on my deck?
You may have a propane barbecue on your deck. No open flames or charcoal barbecues are permitted for safety reasons.

Can I have a gas or propane heater on my deck?
Yes, gas or propane heaters are permitted up to a maximum height of 3 feet.

Can I plant flowers in a planter box off my deck?
Planter boxes cannot hang over the railings at any time for safety reasons. You can put planters on your deck, but they must be stored securely on the ground.

Where can I park my second vehicle?
All building parking spaces were allocated when you purchased your home. You may wish to consider contacting your Strata Council to determine if there are any options for other vehicle parking.

Why does a fan turn on when the dryer is running?
This is a booster fan that is part of your suite’s ventilation system. The booster fan automatically turns on when you’re using the dryer to extract moist air through the ductwork.

Why does the bathroom fan need to run when I’m not using it?
One of the bathroom fans in your home also acts as a ventilation fan, which is controlled by a mechanical timer placed in one of your closets. The timer operates the bathroom fan to ventilate stale air and humidity from the inside of your home and exhaust it outside. This is vital to the health of you and your home as it controls the relative humidity inside while reducing condensation on windows and mildew growth in bathrooms. The BC Building Code requires the fan to operate on a daily eight-hour cycle (or two daily four-hour cycles), at the very minimum. Please see the literature (Intermatic – KM 2) found in your manual package to adjust the timer settings.

What are these grilles on my balcony ceiling?
These grilles are for the ventilation system in your suite.

Are water shut-offs provided to all fixtures?
Water shut-offs are only provided for all sinks, toilets, dishwater and the washing machine in your home. If for some reason you need to shut the water off to your shower, you must shut the water off to your entire suite. Detailed instructions would have been pointed out during your Homeowner Orientation.

Where do I connect for cable, phones, data lines, etc.?
There is a multi-media box located in your hallway closet for cable, phone and security.

Can I add drapes to my suite’s windows?
Any added window coverings must not change the appearance of the building exterior. We recommend that you contact your Strata Council for approval before you make any changes.

Why can I feel a draft coming under my front door?
The draft is due to the different air pressures in the floor hallway and within your suite. A small amount of air is meant to enter your suite under your front door to help keep smells and air inside your suite.

What does my strata fee pay for?
Your strata fees pay for the cost to maintain the common areas of the building. This includes, but is not limited to hydro, water, gas, garbage removal, recycling, electrical maintenance, mechanical systems, elevators, landscaping, cleaning, snow removal, building insurance, salaries of on-site staff, fire and life safety systems and professional management services.

Are the contents of my home insured by the Strata Corporation?
No, the Strata Corporation only covers the building and the common areas. It is your responsibility to have insurance that covers your suite and contents, any improvements, and belongings in your storage locker.

Can I repaint my suite?
We recommend that you wait until after the one-year warranty has expired to paint your unit in case any additional drywall shrinkage occurs.

Can I install an awning on my deck?
The installation of awnings or shades over or outside windows and balconies is strictly prohibited. Nothing may be placed on the outside of the window sills or from any projections of any unit for safety reasons.

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