Vancouver artists come together to raise money for deserving postsecondary students.


Charlie Smith, (THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT) — Dozens of East Vancouver artists have come together to try to raise money for financially strapped postsecondary students as part of this year’s ParkerArtSalon.

The works will appear as part of the Essential Travel exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery next month. (See some of the images below.)

Developed by more than 60 artists with the Parker Street Studios during the pandemic, they’re also being offered through an online auction with Waddington’s.

Half the proceeds will go to Beedie Luminaries, which funds scholarships.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for us in that it gives us nationwide exposure,” ParkerArtSalon cofounder and artist Niina Chebry told the Straight by phone.

She explained that while people are not supposed to be going on trips unless they’re essential, they can still travel in their imagination.

“We feel that art and culture is essential,” Chebry added. “In a sense with this work, we hope we can help people move in their imagination.”

Beauty Bountiful + Ruby by Suzy Birstein


About 80 percent of the art in Essential Travel is paintings, according to Chebry. In addition, the exhibition features three-dimensional work, including bronze sculpture, wood veneer, and mixed media.

The art will be available for public viewing from May 3 to 28 in the Pendulum Gallery, which is in the lobby of the HSBC Building (885 West Georgia Street). Bidding runs from May 6 to 16, with an initial set price that is not negotiable.

Work that’s sold will have a big red dot placed on it; otherwise, people can buy the art directly through ParkerArtSalon.

The Vancouver Block Clock by Deanna Fogstrom


In addition, Gallery George (990 George Street), which is next to the Parker Street Studios, will show a curated selection from Thursdays to Sundays (noon to 5 p.m.) by artists participating in the ParkerArtSalon.

Chebry created the Gallery George during last year’s Eastside Culture Crawl because the Parker Street Studios could only accommodate visitors by appointment.

The ParkerArtSalon was founded in 2015, inspired by art salons in Paris dating back to the 17th century. The spacious interior of the Parker Street Studios was an ideal location for many years because it offered sufficient creative space to allow for discussions about art and its role in the community.

Wicked by Zohar Fiszbaum


However, Chebry acknowledged that the pandemic has been extremely tough on artists over the past year. And it’s still not possible to host large crowds at the Parker Street Studios.

“It’s still a tricky time to have any kind of show, which is why we decided to have a few different tiers to this ParkerArtSalon—one being the online auction, the other being present at Pendulum. It’s the first time we’re at Pendulum Gallery and Gallery George.”

Chebry said that she feels fortunate that there are three alternatives this year for art lovers, including Gallery George, which has 20-foot ceilings in a 2,000-square-foot space.

“It’s very airy; it’s nice and spacious,” she noted. “We’re very careful. Everyone is wearing a mask and we’re following all the protocols.”

Below, you can see other works available at Essential Travel.

Anthem by Niina Chebry


3D wood, stone, LED light by Robert Cheakamus Dewey


David Wilson


Monika Sanft


Proof of Concept by Brent Granby


Louise Solecki Weir


For more information about the ParkerArtSalon, visit the website.

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