Industry 4.0 ready Burnaby BC facility underscores its plan, vision.


Stephen Law, (ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS & TECHNOLOGY) — Walking through the doors of Dorigo System’s new facility immediately grabs your attention, as the blue archway encircling the doorway opens up into a grand two story entrance filled with an abundance of natural light. One could say that this beacon represents a bold and aggressive step for this prominent contract electronics manufacturer, which recently opened its doors to a brand new, state of-the-art facility within the Glenlyon Business Park in Burnaby BC.

The 105,000-square-foot building was designed by renowned Vancouver architect, Chris Bozyk, and was built by the highly-respected Beedie. The new layout of the space was designed to optimize speed of production, while maintaining the highest quality standards, according to Dorigo president Mark Pillon, P.Eng., who founded the firm in 1988.

“Our vision is to operate a worldclass facility for years to come,” he said “We can now provide the most innovative electronics manufacturing services to our growing OEM customer base in the Pacific Northwest using the best people, technology and processes all in one location.”

“This facility helps us leap forward into a truly seamless customer experience using communication, collaboration and commitment” – Dorigo Systems VP Operations Alex Chassels

The new custom-built corporate campus is able to handle virtually any project required by OEMs and industry innovators, who are bringing new products to market, according to Dorigo’s VP operations Alex Chassels. While supporting its current and future customers’ longer term growth plans, this step forward creates the structural framework from which Dorigo can adhere to its strategy of the three-Cs.

“This facility helps us leap forward into a truly seamless customer experience using communication, collaboration and commitment,” enthused Chassels. “We are capable of delivering Dorigo’s Seamless Customer Experience now and into the future.”

Beedie Dorigo Systems Exterior


Industry 4.0 Communications

What you can’t see, but it is clearly interwoven into every space of Dorigo Systems, is the advanced digital technology supported by Industry 4.0 communications. Dorigo’s Seamless Customer Experience leans into the use of these technologies to share more detailed, reliable and up-to-the-minute information with customers than ever before. Industry 4.0 significantly boosts productivity, reduces costs and improves product quality services. “This technology lets us check on production at every step of the process improving on-time delivery and quality. It even eliminates waste in the process,” states Chassels.

The entire building uses the latest smart building technologies to heat, cool and light the facility for optimal use and enjoyment by Dorigo’s employees while deploying green technologies. Walking up the two story staircase to the main foyer provides customers with a grand view of the surrounding area along with the open office space designated for Dorigo’s customer service teams. “Leveraging Industry 4.0 significantly boosts our productivity, reduces costs and improves product quality services for our customers,” says Chassels. The site’s Industry 4.0 connected technologies include:

  • Complete, high speed, and broad-spectrum connectivity.
  • Digital interfaces with over 40 screens for viewing factory performance, casting area meetings and ensuring all staff are aligned with our focus areas.
  • Full integrated environmental controls from view glass self-shading windows to smart power controls to minimize powers usage and other environmental controls to ensure we consistently meet all IPC requirements.

The building also features platform based solutions for business intelligence and communications. These include the roll-out of the FactoryLogix manufacturing execution system, along with updated business analytics systems that obtain live data on Dorigo’s performance to its customers’ expectations and the firm’s own internal measures. “We are using technology that lets us check on production at every step of the process improving on-time delivery and quality – systems focused operating design,” Chassels notes. “Our purpose built lines for rapid/quick turn and higher standard run productions. There isn’t a project we can handle.”


Boardroom Overlooks Production

As customers step past the reception area into the main conference room they are greeted with a broad view overlooking the production floor. The conference room windows provide a panoramic view of the expansive manufacturing space, which supports several automated surface mount assembly production lines along with current precision electronics manufacturing services all on one level. Dependability, speed and flexibility are some of Dorigo’s goals for the custom-built infrastructure.

“From automated SMT assembly of the latest microBGA components to selective soldering of high pin count connectors, our highly skilled team and industry-leading equipment will be able to handle virtually any project required by established corporations to industry innovators,” states Chassels. “We can support them all.”

The campus also features an employee- centric building, offering amenities that include: training and meeting rooms, recreational spaces, smart lighting (electrochromic glass), bike storage and ample parking. “At its core, Dorigo Systems is flexible and nimble. It has always been our mindset regardless of the building in which we operate,” beams Chassels. “As we continue on our growth path, we are committed to being agile by ensuring the right processes are used at the right times. I am also a firm believer in individual accountability and ownership, which ensures all team members have the ability to make the necessary decisions and retain the needed flexibility.”


Vision Includes Growth

Looking out onto the production floor can provide a strong sense of Pillon’s vision. Abundant space for growth and meticulous design in work spaces and equipment placement take Dorigo Systems to a new level of electronics manufacturing excellence never before seen in the Pacific Northwest.

“Mark (Pillon) is an entrepreneur at heart and understands that the future Dorigo goes beyond manufacturing by creating a truly seamless and interactive experience for customers based on a digital framework and a core of highly skilled teams to provide a niche/customized customer experience,” says Chassels. “It has always been Mark’s vision to operate a world-class facility for years to come.”

With an existing staff count around 100, Dorigo recently expanded its business development team, as well as adding new representation in the United States. The new facility now focuses its outreach to all of North America, not just the Pacific Northwest. These efforts will be supported by the recent addition of experts in data analytics and systems optimization. The firm also created customer experience teams, who will support the firm’s Seamless Customer Experience.

“Sophistication must be with purpose. For the past two decades, companies have moved their manufacturing operations overseas or partnered with CEM’s in lower cost regions.,” says Chassels. “With the new breed of manufacturing technologies, the unit cost draw of overseas wilts dramatically. The sophistication of our building is a representation of our progress to closing the productivity and overhead gap.”

As for the current vibrancy of BC’s product-based tech community, Chassels says, “BC has always been a leader in product- based technology but with a rhythmic ebb and flow based on overall market conditions. As we enter the phase of digitization and Industry 4.0 we are seeing a blossoming of product technology ideas in BC and we are poised with our new site and customer focused direction to win regional customers here and throughout North America.”