We believe that everything we do should be Built for Good.


Where does the brand come from?

Over the past sixty five years, we have grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest private industrial developers and most trusted residential developer, and with that comes with great responsibility. As our growth continues to accelerate, we have recognized the need for our brand to evolve into something truly meaningful that inspires and guides our future. Our brand idea is simple: We believe that everything we do should be Built for Good.

We believe that developers, like us, have a responsibility to do more than simply create real estate assets for commercial gain. As developers, we have a unique opportunity to positively influence the well-being of people, commerce and community.

Built for Good represents a balanced and considered approach that ensures our commercial success compliments a broader agenda—the prosperity of people, and the environments we live in. We firmly believe that commercial success and community contribution are dependent on each other.


How does the brand manifest?

‘Built for Good’ is a philosophy that began in 1954 when our founder, Keith Beedie, created a company culture around uncompromising quality, outstanding service, and loyal relationships. The Built for Good promise has been an integral part of the company ethos, serving as a rudder for all our thoughts and actions, and we felt it time to bring that legacy to the forefront.

    • We take immense pride in our work, delivering quality standards that continue to be best in class. Our buildings, like our values, stand the test of time.
    • We conceive ideas and design buildings that contribute to quality of life. We create enduring commercial opportunities that are sensitive to their socio-cultural contexts.
    • From our on-site safety standards to celebrating diversity, inclusion and innovation, we create safe and productive work environments. Everyone is treated with respect and inspired to do the best work of their life.
    • Our employee Cares program empowers employees to donate their time to benefit community initiatives. This enables us all to stay connected to the needs of our community.
    • Our Giving program promotes the welfare of communities through contributions of funds, time and initiatives. Beneficiaries include organizations supporting health, education and safety-based projects both locally and around the world.
    • Our Foundation contributes to non-profit organizations aligned with our values.
      Large-scale initiatives such as the to Simon Fraser University’s Beedie School of Business supporting students, professorships and research chairs.


Where do we go from here?

As we move forward, Built for Good will guide and inspire everything we do. From integrity-driven development and quality construction to inspiring design and dedicated service, it represents an elevated customer and community-driven purpose.

“As our story enters a significant new chapter, I’d like to personally thank all who’ve been with us along the way. And I look forward a mutually beneficial future together that’s built for good.” – Ryan Beedie, President


Built for today.  Built for tomorrow.  Built for Good.