Sales are booming at Metrotown's Station Square


Susan M Boyce, (NEW CONDO GUIDE) — Hear that Sound? That buzz of enthusiasm and excitement coming from the heart of Metrotown? That’s the sounds of almost 600 people celebrating their home buying savvy for being among the first owners at Station Square. And it’s celebration that’s getting stronger, livelier and more dynamic every day.

“We’ve had an incredibly strong summer – almost 100 sales in July and August alone,“ says a clearly delighted Greg Zayadi, Anthem Properties’ vice president of sales and marketing. “Those figures speak directly to the depth of demand for quality homes in good Metrotown locations. We’re outselling all three of our immediate competitors combined.”

And you think that’s impressive, there’s more excitement yet to come. “Tomorrow, four of us are heading to New York City and Toronto to discover some fresh, new ideas that we can incorporate into our final phase of Station Square,“ Greg says. “We’ll be looking at everything from new architectural trends to innovative materials, colours and appliances. It’s going to be great for us and great for our buyers.”


With construction well underway on the first two towers and a spectacular, two-storey presentation centre now wowing visitors, it’s already possible to get a hint of the distinct sense of place and meticulous attention to building on a human scale that represent two of Station Square’s 10 core design concepts that put people first.

“To create truly great urban design, you have to consider how buildings and people will interact – how we move through a community by bike, by car, or on foot,” Greg explains. “For example, people typically want to relax after work and perhaps catch some rays while they socialize with friends, so commercial spaces like a coffee shop or a restaurant are placed on southwest corners meaning they’re still sunny, inviting and energetic even in the late afternoon.”

This community-centric design, he continues, is an integral part of encouraging the social interaction that helps define outstanding urban neighbourhoods. “Ultimately, there will be about an acre of public outdoor spaces where people can gather to experience the social pleasures of city living – places where celebrations and high energy events can occur. Neighbourhoods like Yaletown already offer this dynamic, but Station Square will truly bring it to Metrotown by providing a wide array of ‘pocket parks,’ seating areas, and mini outdoor living rooms with clusters of street furniture. It’s all designed to encourage people to linger and connect – just like in any of the great cities of the world.”

“It’s all designed to encourage people to linger and connect – just like in any of the great cities of the world.”


“Station Square is one of the largest residential developments in Canada,” Greg says, adding he knows of only two others that approach the sheer scope of this project which, when complete, will include 1,800 new homes in five towers plus 300,000 square feet of new retail and 150,000 square feet of office space.

It’s also already showing a distinct trend toward becoming a family-oriented, multi-generational neighborhood. “The majority of our buyers are local people who are investing in this location for their family. We’ve got mums and dads, brothers and sisters, great aunts, kids and grandkids all buying here because they want to have their own homes but live in the same building.”

Then there’s Station Square’s proximity to… well, to everything. The community’s seamless connectivity with SkyTrain, shopping, services, parks, and schools is part of its inherent sustainability – which is yet another of the guiding principles of great urban design and one that’s definitely creating a long-term environmental benefit. “A surprising number of buyers are opting for a single parking stall simply because they don’t need the hassle or expense of two cars,” Greg explains. “Some are even foregoing a car altogether. After all, when you can step outside your door, hop on the SkyTrain and be in downtown Vancouver in about 15 minutes without having to find and pay for parking, why would you drive?”


“Station Square is going to be an amazing place to own a home or just hang out, and for us, that’s the real fun of building it,” Greg says. “And just wait till you see what great new innovations our team brings back for the final release.”

Station Square is brought to you by Beedie Living in partnership with Anthem Properties and is located at McKay Ave. and Kingsway right next to Metropolis Mall. Presentation centre and display suites are open noon to 6pm every day. Prices start at $280,900 with floorplans ranging from studios to three-bedroom and den homes. For more information, visit or call 604.438.1113.