Town Talk: Ryan and Cindy Beedie and Huey Lewis entertain 3,000 at Malkin Bowl

Malcolm Parry, (THE VANCOUVER SUN)  — Dedicating the show to wife Cindy, who urged him to stage it, Beedie echoed Lewis’s lyrics: “Doing it all for my baby for everything she does for me.” What she has done includes delivering three children, including Paige, a guitarist-pianist-singer who is recording a demo album and plans a post-varsity career in music. If that entails performing at a future Beedie concert, she might heed Huey Lewis’s advice in his The Heart of Rock & Roll hit song: “When they play their music, ooh that modern music, they like it with a lot of style. But it’s still that same old back-beat rhythm that really drives ’em wild.” It sure did in Malkin Bowl.


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