Outcome of the provincial election will have a major impact on economic growth in B.C.


Ryan Beedie, (THE VANCOUVER SUN) — Development and construction in British Columbia is one of the cornerstones of our economy and relies on many criteria to get the job done. No project gets started, let alone completed, without assembling land, drawing up plans, coordinating financing, and hiring teams of hard-working employees to carry it to fruition. Our industry creates jobs. Creates opportunities. And I believe we are the foundation to our future success.

But something more fundamental is required before any development can happen. There needs to be confidence that tomorrow will be as good as — or better — than today. Confidence in our economy is why companies open up new offices. It is why families invest in new homes. It is why businesses hire new employees and decide to invest in our province.

British Columbia has built on this confidence for the past decade. For the Beedie Group, it has meant we could employ more people than at any other time in our almost 60-year history. It means we have been able to help more companies get the industrial and office space they need to grow and employ British Columbians. And it has meant that our company has been able to give back to the community.

Confidence has made all of this possible — and it is the reason why we are worried about the outcome of the provincial election next week. Over the past months we’ve seen a consistently negative attitude from the NDP when it comes to growing and developing our province.

As a large employer in British Columbia I worry about our future. The world is facing unprecedented challenges. We have been successful in keeping our economy growing. But the writing is on the wall … the world is challenged. Our message is: do not stop projects, keep British Columbians employed, and do not stop investing in our resources. Saying NO to any of these initiatives is saying NO to positive opportunities for British Columbians

Premier Clark knows that the private sector needs confidence that tomorrow will be better before they can invest in the kind of projects that create jobs, tax revenues, and strong communities. And she’s the only leader vying for your vote who has a vision to keep building the confidence this province needs to build prosperity for everyone.

I want all of British Columbian’s to succeed. I do not want us to be the NO province. I want us to be the YES province. Don’t let us become another negative global statistic. Let’s show the world who and what we believe in. Jobs. Opportunities. And a future for our children.

Ryan Beedie is president of Beedie Development Group, British Columbia’s largest private industrial landlord and developer, established in 1954.

“There needs to be confidence that tomorrow will be as good as — or better — than today.”