8th Annual Family Legacy Series Dinner

KEITH BEEDIE’S FIRST BUILDING, BUILT IN 1945 AT the age of 19, was a modest structure of 1,200 hand-built square feet. Today, the Beedie Development Group is the largest landlord of industrial space in BC with over 7 million square feet in its portfolio. The company leads the BC market in industrial development, construction and management, having built over 20 million square feet of space since Keith’s fi rst cementblock shop.

Over the course of the dinner, members of the Beedie Development Group, with panel moderators Judi Cunningham, Executive Director of the Business Families Centre, and Darren Dahl, Chair of Sauder Marketing Division, in turn revealed a business and a family notable for its dynamic leadership, deep support for its people, and unwavering commitment to its values. In the question-and-answer period, the family’s responses to questions from the audience left no doubt about the family’s vision and willingness to tackle the toughest business and family issues as the source of their success.

Since its inception in 2001, the Family Legacy Series has grown to become a mustattend gala event on Vancouver’s business and social calendar. The notable Foord, SC Johnson, Shaw, Rogers, and Molson families have all graced the FLS stage, sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience with Vancouver’s family business community. For more information, visit www.FamilyLegacySeries.com or call 604.822.0102.

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