Glenlyon Business Park

North Fraser Way & Glenlyon Parkway

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Established in 1995, Glenlyon Business Park (“Glenlyon”) includes approximately 130 acres of land. Over 1 million square feet of state-of-the-art office, laboratory, and industrial space has been developed in the first phase, with opportunity for more than 1 million square feet to be constructed in the balance.

Located in South Burnaby’s Big Bend area, Glenlyon represents one of the last and largest industrial and office development opportunities within close proximity to the region’s downtown core, educated and skilled labour pools, and major transportation routes.

Location Description

The outstanding natural setting and contemporary architecture of Glenlyon make it the ideal location for work-life balance. Glenlyon offers ample off-site amenities, including Riverway Sports Complex and one of the finest golf clubs in Burnaby – Riverway Golf Course, both are perfect venues for various work events or team-building workshops. Strategically located within minutes of Marine Way Market and Big Bend Crossing, this location is steps away from two urban shopping centres offering convenient access to service, retail and major restaurants.

Throughout this park, there is an extensive trail system providing the perfect setting for early morning jogs or afternoon walks. Visitors can picnic along the Fraser River shoreline while enjoying a view of the waterfront of Burnaby’s Fraser Foreshore Park, the marine traffic or open green space. With an off-leash dog park, a pirate-themed playground, and communal washroom facilities, this picturesque locale is Burnaby’s best and most scenic point of entry to the historic Fraser River, which flows a majestic 1,400 km from its source high in the Rocky Mountains out to the Pacific ocean.

Everything you need to achieve balance throughout the course of your day is available at Glenlyon.

Listing Type

- Build to Suit


- Industrial - M2 / M5

Listing Features

Developable Area: 55 acres with lot sizes ranging from 3 – 23 acres

Square Footage Range: Building sizes range from 65,000 SF to 250,000 SF

Availability: Construction commencement late 2021